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Jamaicans aim to make huge impact

Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator

Jamaican karters are hoping to upset the applecart at tomorrow's third and final leg of the Florida Winter Tour (FWT) go-kart race championship, which will be held in Ocala, United States.

An interesting entry from the Jamaican camp is seven-year-old Mark Anthony Eaton, who will be making his debut in the new Rotax Micromax Series. He has been dominating age-group competition locally and barring mechanical problems, is expected to do well.

Included in the Jamaican contingent are 12-year-old Colin Daley Jr. and 10-year-old Thomas Issa, who will be competing in the Rotax Minimax Class. The rivalry between these two karters is getting more and more intense and there are high expectations from both camps.

In the second leg of the FWT championship, held a month ago in Moroso, Issa stole the spotlight by finishing second in one of the qualifying events. Daley got sweet revenge when he turned the table at last month's local go-kart race meet.

The Jamaican team is completed by the experienced Joel Jackson and Phillip Myers. Jackson, who has been doing well in the local Rotax International Class, is capable of upstaging the Americans, while Myers seems prepared for the challenge.

"We have high expectations that our drivers will improve and show even better this time," said Neil Williams, president of the Jamaica Karting Association.

Commenting on Eaton, he noted: "At the tender age of seven years old he will be the youngest Jamaican driver to compete in an international meet.

The karters are using the FWT meet to prepare themselves for next Sunday's local go-kart championship at the Palisadoes International Raceway in Kingston.